YouTube introduces new ‘Samples’ feature for users to navigate new music- Check details here


YouTube has introduced a new Samples feature that will allow users to explore music and other preferable content on the app. This feature will enable personalized music videos for users so they can find their likings and interests in certain music. The enhancement is quite similar to what we see on TikTok.

The Samples feature is positioned in between the Home and Explore icons. The tab offers small music videos so users can counter new content just like on Instagram reels. However, there is a difference between the Samples and YouTube shorts. According to reports, short videos on YouTube Music are basically vertically cropped music videos and additional content which is posted by the creators.

As per a news agency, the Samples tab caters to different genres of music that the user might be interested in listening to. Also, depending on the previously liked music, the tab would also suggest songs accordingly. If they liked a particular song, they can play the entire music video. Later, users can also add it to their playlists.


The Samples features in being introduced at a time when YouTube is trying to achieve an all-in-one app status. The platform does not want users to shift from one app to another. As YouTube offers a wide range of content like music, podcasts, shows, and all other criteria of fun and entertainment-related stuff. But anyhow, it has faced competition with Spotify and TikTok in recent times. With the help of the new development, YouTube would be able to bridge the gap between users.