Google to launch its Duet AI for all apps in the Workspace- Check details here


Google is about to roll out its most awaited Duet AI system. The official announcement regarding this tool was made on the 10th of May. The CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the AI feature at the company’s conference and emphasised how it will change the way people use Google’s app.

Duet AI will be incorporated in all the Workspace apps such as Gmail, Doc, Meet, Drive, Slides and more. The upcoming AI system will help the users take notes during live meetings/lectures, write preferable emails and creating personalized plans.

As per the report posted by the company, Google will soon be launching Duet AI for the Workspace’s apps. It will be monetized and will be coming at a price of $30/month. Earlier, the feature was being enabled by 1 million users through a tester program. Now the feature will be made available to the other 10 million paying users.


Duet AI Features

Gmail application will receive the “help me write” feature. It will be visible on the bottom right side when writing a new mail. Users can then write instructions for the required mail and the AI will draft the content accordingly. After creating the mail, it will also allow users to asses and redesign it.

For Google Docs, the same “help me write” feature” will be incorporated, which will help users write or create a document. Individuals can write prompts asking for an essay, article, poem, manuals and more. Then according to the given instructions, similar content will be created. After being provided with the write-up, they can modify it to their liking.

While for Google Sheets, Duet AI’s “help me organize” feature will be given. This advancement will allow users to give instructions and sheets will help create templates according to their requirements.

In Google Slides, there will be a “help me visualize” feature. Individuals can write a brief description of an image and simultaneously it will be created in different styles.

Lastly, in Google Meet, the “generate a background” feature will help users put the image created in Slides as their background. A note-making feature is also viable along with a Studio Look advancement, that will help you look more clear.