Telegram introduces Instagram-like Stories feature for its users- Here’s everything you need to know


Telegram rolled out a new Stories feature for all users on the 10th anniversary of the app. The CEO of the platform, Pavel Durov expressed his views on the app making it to the 10 years of its existence and said that in the next 10 years, the app will reach its true potential.

The Stories feature was initially available for premium users. But with the new announcement, the advancement has been made available to all users. The Stories icon will appear on the top of all the chats and folders. It will also inculcate developments such as sharing, replying, and reacting to the stories.

Telegram’s Stories feature will incorporate a dual-camera system for users to share and capture memories. It will allow the usage of gifs, stickers, drawing tools, and tags. Users would be able to share multiple photos from their gallery and share their Stories making it more creative and expressive.


The feature also comes with privacy guidelines as users will be able to select whom they want to show the particular story. There are options such as My Contacts, Close Friends, and Selected Contacts, which will help in making better choices for the individual. Users can also restrain from the content of their stories getting leaked by switching off screenshots.

Another valuable benefit is the time feature which will help users in setting the story for a particular time period. Telegram gives four major time slots such as- 6, 12, 24, and 48. The platform also allows users to make changes at any point wherein they want to switch their minds.