Part time (news writing) work from home opportunity

Position available: 3  news writers for July 2022

Are you looking for a content writing/journalism job?


This is an excellent work-from-home opportunity to write and edit for one of the leading news websites, Afternoon Headlines, which is read by millions of news lovers across the globe. If you are highly motivated and have a zeal for sports, entertainment or national news, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Write, proofread and review the content for spelling, format, and grammatical errors
  • Ensure that the content meets the company standards and guidelines
  • Fact-check and verify accuracy of the content
  • Manage a busy workload according to the deadline
  • Optimize content based on SEO Guidelines
  • Creating original content


  • Must have 1-2 years of writing or editing experience
  • Must have a solid knowledge of your selected beat
  • Must be good at writing and reviewing long-form articles
  • Must have sound knowledge of grammar and sentence framing
  • Must have basic knowledge of SEO
  • Must be open to working from home
  • Must be comfortable writing and editing on any news-related topic under your selected niche

How to apply?

Write a short news article on any current news topic (word count- 300 words)

This test is meant to check your grammar and language.

Kindly send the resume and response to [email protected] with the Subject: Sports journalism test, Entertainment journalism test or Business journalism test whichever beat you prefer writing on.

Location: Work From Home

Name credit: All articles will go under your name


Writing 6 articles per day @ 3500 p.m.

Writing 10 articles per day @ 6000 p.m.

Writing 15 articles per day @ 10000 p.m.