WhatsApp to soon introduce a text formatting feature for a better messaging experience- Check out


WhatsApp is recently on the verge of launching many advanced features for its platforms. This initiative has not only helped in retaining existing customers but also has attracted new users to the app. The app is constantly introducing new advancements and making it more convenient for users.

The Meta-owned platform is working on launching a new text formatting feature that creates a new chatting experience for them. As per the WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is likely to introduce a slew of text formatting features in the near future. The already existing tools are bold, strikethrough and monospace. The new add-on could help the users to label code snippets, quote text and generate a text list.

The Code Block feature will allow technical professionals to communicate easily in the coding format. With this, individuals will be able to share codes effortlessly. It would also reduce confusion and improve technology-related discussions.


The Quote feature will enable users to mark a particular sentence or word from the text. Now, the app only allows users to quote the whole text by writing but with the new advancement, individuals can quote the specific line from the message. This would also be beneficial in community groups, wherein large discussions would take place and this feature would increase the text visibility.

And lastly, the listing feature would ensure that users can make a list with the help of bulletin points. The features are currently under development and soon would be rolled out for Android and iOS users.