WhatsApp to enable users to edit photo captions soon- Here’s everything you need to know


The Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp is developing many features in a slew and is upgrading its platform. The company is currently working on introducing a new enhancement that would allow users to edit captions for photos, videos, documents and gifs. According to a report, the feature is now being tested among a few users and will be rolling out in the coming weeks for everyone. It will eventually be made available to Android and iOS users.

As per WhatsApp’s blog post, the new feature will enable users to edit the message, add content to it and even correct misspellings. In order to access it, users will have to long press on the sent message and then they have to choose an edit option from the menu. The feature can only be accessed within fifteen minutes of sending a message. After editing the text, individuals can save it and the changes will be shown.

The time limit has also been set up for a necessary reason. Without time restraint, users can edit the messages from the previous chats and deceive others.


The latest enhancement would turn out a new face for WhatsApp as users will be able to correct their texts for minor spellings issue. They could also add content and share links through photos and videos and it could be less confusing. It would also increase convenience for users.

In the past month, WhatsApp has introduced many such features for making its messaging app stand out. Recently, the company introduced a new upgrade allowing users to share photos in HD quality. This will maintain the quality of the pictures and individuals can also share them in low internet connectivity, without any fear.

The company also introduced a multi-account feature and screen-sharing update on video calls. With these many amendments, the app is attempting to make the platform more accessible and reliable for the masses.