Meta introduces the latest avatar feature for video calling on Instagram and Messenger


Meta-owned Instagram and Facebook are updated at a faster pace for providing better access to technology as well as being connected with the world and community. Mack Zuckerberg-owned company introduced a new feature that enables users to receive and make video calls on Instagram and Facebook Messenger with the help of avatars.

The avatar option is already inbuilt in Instagram in the profile setting wherein individuals can create their avatars as their liking. The new feature will be helpful in situations when the person does not want to show his/her face and are not camera ready. In the latest update, you will be able to talk to your friends without even seeing each other as the animated video will be playing during the video call.

The feature bridges the gap between switching the camera on and off. Meta also shared a few updates regarding the development. They are testing to provide a better way for users to create avatars on Facebook and WhatsApp wherein the users can click a selfie and an avatar will be generated instantly based on their expression, which can be further customized to represent themselves in a better way.


Meta also announced that animated stickers can be shared on Instagram and Facebook stories, reels, and even on 1:1 messaging on the Threads app. Also, the stickers can be used while chatting and on these platforms. The stickers can be sent while the avatars are doing some sort of activity such as dancing, laughing, waving hello, or clapping.

The portal has been making updates gradually for offering a better experience to the users. It is also testing several features to increase user visibility and traffic and at the same time get them connected to everything. Meta aims on building a functional avatar feature that would meet the user’s expectations and inclined needs.