Discord introduces Family Center option to improve security measures for juveniles- Read


On Tuesday, Discord introduced the latest Family Center tool for minors that will enable parents to have a look at their children’s activity on the platform. This feature is being introduced for the security measures of the kids and to ensure the smooth functioning of the environment on the portal.

Discord is a social media platform for like-minded people which connects them through community chats and groups and at the same time also enables them to share their opinions and thoughts. It can be accessed by people of all ages concerning their hobbies and gaming discussions on mobile and desktop versions.

The latest feature is announced in an attempt to create a friendly environment for the users as they will be monitored by their parents which will help improve security measures and appropriate networking. The Family Center option will ensure that parents get to know whom their children are talking to in the community chat groups and who are they friends with.


The option will provide an activity Dashboard and a weekly activity email to the parents which will contain a detailed summary of their ward’s schedules. While the Dashboard will provide the parents with a rundown of the activities the kid has done such as joining the number of servers or group chats, new friends added, the number of friends chatted with or called, and so on.

Although, the feature does not allow the parents to see the content of those messages due to privacy reasons. The parents will also have to have the consent of the children before activating the Family Center tool. The company also revealed that the step is taken to ensure a safer internet experience for the users. This measure will help the parents to foster their children’s activities and refrain them from being deceived.