Helck anime’s episode 8 release date, time and everything you need to know


The upcoming 8th episode of Helck anime will continue to treat its fans with timely episodes every week. As the story progresses, fans are understanding the dilemma of it. In the previous episode, it was seen that demons are thinking of killing the Human King and planning strategies for it accordingly. The eighth episode will reveal their true intentions.

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The latest episode is titled as “Return to the Continent” and will be released on the 30th of August at 1:29 am in Japan. For different time zones, the episode will be released as per


  • France and Germany- 6:29 pm, 29th August
  • India- 9:59 pm, 29th August
  • Asia- 12:29 am, 30th August
  • United States- 12:29 pm, 29th August

For the Japanese audience, the episode will be aired on local and affiliated channel networks. While the global audience can stream it on HiDive, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Bilibili.

The previous episode showcased a strong demon attacking humans and capturing them for the sake of the intel. When the demon is trying to get information out of them, many humans aim to fire arrows at him from behind.

However, it is known later that the target of the humans is not to fight back the demon but to kill the captured humans. They think humans can be reborn many times, and it will not endanger the intel’s knowledge.

The demons then decide to take down the Human King, as he keeps regenerating the dead humans as soon as they are killed. Eventually, he turns out to be a big threat to them. Asta is keeping track of these humans, which are apparently residing in the same place as the Human King