Why is 177013 Manga so mysterious? Manga explanation of emergence (Metamorphosis)

The ‘Metamorphis manga/Emergence manga’ is another name for 177013 Manga. Shindo L, an American-Japanese mangaka, is the author of this manga. Between 2013 and 2016, this manga was published. It became popular online due to its dark and gloomy content. It’s a doujin hentai.

What is 177013 Doujin?

It’s a phrase for a group of people who have a shared interest, or it can refer to a specific activity or hobby. Clique or fanbase is the English version of Doujin. The phrase is usually used to describe a group of people who exchange creative ideas or work in the form of a novel or manga. The doujin is also being transformed into a culture, and some professional writers are working on it. The average doujin is 15-30 pages lengthy, while 177013 Manga is just 225 pages.

177013 Manga Summary

The 177013 Manga is not entirely fantasy, which appeals to many readers. To summarise, it will make you depressed. Spoiler Alert if you don’t want to know what happens.

It depicts the dramatic and unsettling transition of a quiet, nerdy wallflower girl into a mentally wounded but outgoing, ragingly promiscuous delinquent.

Saki is the name of the main character, who is a girl. She appears to be depressed at first glance. We learn that she used to be highly popular among her pals, but that she is no longer so cool. Saki chooses to perform a makeover in order to regain her cool.

We learn why the manga is also called as Metamorphic in this chapter. As with Metamorphis, there is development in this case; Saki appears to have evolved following her makeover.

So, on the weekend, she decides to go outside and get some fresh air while also purchasing some fashion magazines. Hayato, the story’s other main character, is introduced there. He basically does nothing but flirt with her, and he succeeds. He eventually took Saki to karaoke.

They enjoy more than just singing; they also enjoy something else. Hayato knows how to work a girl, so he pulls out an enhancing tablet and delivers it to Saki. So, they both have a good time in the room, and Saki gets worked up and lies in a pathetic state. Hayato has drugged her.

Saki is only a toy in Hayato’s mind, so he adds his contact information to Saki’s phone and Saki’s information to his mobile phone. So, he may call her whenever he wants and play with her.

So, as time went on, Saki began to go on more of these dates, and the relationships continued. Saki started doing paid work with boys. When a boy discovered out about her gig photos, he began blackmailing and using Saki. Saki’s friends were envious of her since she was friends with so many boys.

His father was recently dismissed from his job, and upon returning home, he becomes sexual with his own daughter, which is really unpleasant to witness. As his father told her everything, his mother became enraged, and instead of soothing her, she ejected her from the house, which was ridiculous.

She moved in with Hayato, who was in debt for 8 million yen at the time. She, too, became a drug addict. Saki assisted Hayato by performing strange tasks. Hayato eventually evicted Saki from her home since she didn’t have any money.

She found herself homeless and pregnant, and she made the decision to retain the child. She is still doing odd jobs. She was also suffering from a terrible drug addiction when she awoke in a dumpster.

Finally, as she progressed in life, she was battered by many individuals while concealing money in her pocket. She can’t take it anymore and kills herself, which is heart breaking.

177013 meaning explained

This inquiry has a very simple answer: ‘it’s a meme.’ The manga has been heavily trolled, and the absence of the number ‘1’ is due to the fact that the number relates to the index/submission id (found on the 177013th page of the website) of a specific hentai manga on a well-known adult manga site.

Because the plot in this manga finishes so terribly, it makes people depressed, some individuals go to the trouble of creating their own version of the manga. This is intriguing because the primary narrative has been mocked online.