Boku No Pico: Why you should not watch Boku No Pico anime series?

Here’s why you shouldn’t binge-watch Boku No Pico anime series

Boku No Pico is an anime series which has won various awards. Surprisingly enough, this doesn’t go well with Anime and Manga fans. Boku No Pico is an OVA series, produced by the Madhouse Studio which is responsible for producing many great shows like Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate etc. There are a lot of manga and anime which create a lot of buzz and they deliver upto their reputation. But sometimes the series is not able to perform up to the mark and Boku No Pico is one such example of an overrated anime series.

Boku No Pico has three episodes, all which apparently have no connection. The plot of this story is very badly written. The story is all about three little boys getting intimate and having physical relationship.

The show tries its best to explore many philosophical contents like existentialism, loneliness and the struggle which every human faces sometimes while trying to adjust in the changing world. But this show only tries and is actually not able to deliver good content.

This anime series despite having many flaws like unnecessary explicit scenes, low-grade , poor character development, is somewhat light hearted.

The series is not as good as it was expected to be. Its plot is its major weakness. A lot of characters have been added unnecessarily.