WhatsApp to soon launch instant video message feature for Android and iOS users- Read


Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement on their official page on Facebook stating a new instant video messaging feature on WhatsApp. The enhancement will be useful in sharing short videos with friends and family members.

Zuckerberg unveils WhatsApp 60-second video message feature. How it works?  Watch - Hindustan Times
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The company’s blog post explained that the new video message is equivalent to the voice message feature that is already been functioned on WhatsApp. For now, users can only send short messages in the form of text messages and voice messages. While with the latest advancement, users will be able to send instant video messages.


Although there is a huge difference between the existing video-sending feature and the instant video message on the platform. The already functioning video messaging feature allows users to share videos up to 16 MB. A video can be shared ranging from 90 seconds to 3 minutes, irrespective of its resolution. On the other hand, the instant video messaging feature allows users to share videos that are 60 seconds long.

The blog post also stated that this feature can work as an instant response to the chats in order to show or say something. It will also be a fun way to share all the moments with the emotion that comes in. Users can also wish someone a happy birthday or share the good news through this feature. They will feel even more connected to their close ones.

In order to get access to the feature, individuals will have to download the latest WhatsApp version. On the app, they have to go the video mode and hold the icon to record the video. Users can also swipe up to lock and record it hands-free. According to Meta, the video will play on mute in the chat box and when clicked on it, it will play with sound.