Google Classroom introduces a new feature to un accept assignments after the given due date- Read


Google is bringing out the latest feature that will enable teachers to un accept assignments after the end of the respective due date on the Google Classroom. The new feature gives teachers the benefit to customize grading in Classroom.

When creating an assignment, teachers will be given the option to decide whether to keep a strict due date or not. However, with the by-default system, the portal accepts assignments even after the due date.

The latest feature will allow teachers to stop accepting assignments at any time, irrespective of the particular due date. Also, the feature does not work on the admin control system.  It is available for users on Google Workspace and with their personal Google accounts.


The company even stated that this feature will allow teachers to have more control over their work and also enable flexibility as per their requirements.

Last month, a rich text format was also being introduced for classroom and private comments on the platform. The feature enabled teachers and students to put importance on their content. It included options such as bold, underline, italicized, and bulletin points.

Moreover, the company also rolled out a feature for visiting a classroom in order to support teachers and faculties. Only permissioned users could get access to the feature which help them view student profile and more.