Twitter to soon get a LinkedIn feature, let businesses posts about job openings- Read


Twitter is expanding its reach and is constantly working on making a better user interface. The micro-blogging app will now exceed to a new level by introducing a new feature like LinkedIn. Twitter will now allow companies to post about job openings and vacancy updates through their profile.

While the tech giant hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the release of the feature but it seems the company is experimenting with the feature at first with selected firms. The tentative feature is called ‘Twitter Hiring.’

The app researcher Nima Owji took to his Twitter account and shared a screenshot of the upcoming update on 20th July. The tweet addressed that companies can post up to 5 job openings at once. The social networking app has stated that they are enabling firms to attract top talent for their organizations, which are currently available.


Once the individuals click on interested job openings, they are to be redirected to the firm that has initially posted the tweet. This idea of bringing up the LinkedIn feature to the micro-blogging platform came to Elon Musk through a user who said Twitter must introduce a dating app feature.

To that Musk has responded by saying that it was an interesting idea and maybe job openings would be frequent on the platform. Twitter has also made a @TwitterHiring page, which has a certified blue tick. While there are no posts yet and the account is being followed by 5,308  followers after its launch.

This feature makes it apparent that Musk is trying to get users can firms to subscribe to his Twitter Blue, with more advanced benefits. This move will surely bring a lot of revenue into the company.