Open AI to introduce customized features for ChatGPT to create a better user interface: Check details


Open AI has launched customizable features for ChatGPT users. The latest enhancement will enable the users to personalize the interface by making it as much preferable as possible.

Now, users will not have to write the same instructions every day whenever they interact with it. The latest feature will allow the individuals to change the tone of the chatbot (formal or casual), also to give preferred responses. ChatGPT will help users to plan their vacations and support them by providing answers with a basic understanding of the instruction pertains.

Although users can already make these preferences, the latest feature is helpful if the instructions need to be displayed for a longer time. Thus, by personalizing it, users can have a better experience in future interactions also.


The feature also makes it convenient for people, by suggesting hotels and restaurants based on the current location that they are in. Users can even edit or delete old instructions anytime to start new conversations.

Additionally, these instructions will not be displayed with shared link viewers. Users need to be careful while using third-party plug-ins, as the model can take data through customized instructions. Open AI suggests people use trusted plug-ins so that confidential information is not leaked.

Open AI will thereafter use data from personalized interactions to train ChatGPT, enabling the software to create a better user experience by adapting to new responses.

iOS users can access this feature by going to ChatGPT account settings and then custom instructions. While in order to access the feature on the web, users must click on their name and then go to ‘Custom Instructions.’ Click on the option and then go to ‘Show tips’ for basic examples of what you can write and then select ‘Save.’