Top French court bans the wearing of hijabs for female players while playing football


France’s apex court on Thursday gave a verdict upholding the ban on wearing hijabs for Muslim women while playing football. The decision was released as a matter of case between Muslim female players against the French Football Federation (FFF). The Council of State also ruled out that the ban enforced by the FFF is proportionate and suitable, in a statement released by the court.

The Constitutional Council also addressed in a statement that, the sports federation whose responsibility is to ensure the good functioning of the services, and through that they can impose certain neutrality requirements over the players during matches to see to it that everything is running smoothly.

The group of Muslim women players known as ‘Hijabeuses’ revolted against the FFF, whose rules stated to ban the wearing of hijabs along with any manner of clothing that signifies political, religious, philosophical and social affiliation.


Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who is a law and order headliner remarked that “I hope profoundly for the republic that (judges) uphold neutrality on sports fields.”

“You shouldn’t wear religious clothing when you play sports… when you play football, you don’t need to know the religion of the person in front of you,” he added further.

The top governing body of football in the world FIFA has also ordered a similar ban on female football players over the wearing of hijabs, more than a decade ago.

France has the highest number of Muslim minorities in Europe, therefore the country has implemented certain laws to protect its strict case of secularism.