Miss Italy beauty pageant bans transgender women from participating in the contest- Read


The Miss Italy beauty pageant made an announcement recently that transgender models would be restricted from participating in the competition. They had said that the contestants must be women from birth. After the tragedy that happened in the Netherlands, making the first transgender was the winner of a female beauty contest.

The patron of Italy’s beauty pageant Patrizia Mirigliani said in an interview with Radio Cusano that the participation of transgender individuals in her opinion is “a bit absurd” and does not align with the rules and values of the competition.

Mirigliani, who also contested the competition in the 1980s said that ever since she was born the competition used to be conducted within the specified regulations and that an individual must be a woman from birth. She also stated that in recent times, many beauty pageants are trying to attract media attention by using such strategies, which are a bit absurd.


Patrizia even remarked that during her tenure also, the regulations were mandatory because it was expected that the forms of beauty would be altered. That woman would undergo certain modifications. Women with piercings and tattoos were also allowed to participate in the competition but not to a greater extent.

In 2012, the Miss Italy beauty pageant also implemented a restriction that women who have undergone plastic surgery will be prohibited from contesting for the role.

On the other hand, she even supports Netherlands’ decision for allowing transgender women to participate in the competition. Rikkie Valerie Kolle, a 22-year-old transgender model won the Miss Netherlands title earlier this month and created history for attaining the title, being the first of her kind. She will also be representing the country in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant which will be held in El Salvador.