Tinder to make use of AI for creating better user profiles- Read


Tinder, the online dating app is currently working on implementing AI into their system that would help user’s profiles look better. The AI-powered tool would scan through your photo album and choose the best five photos that represent your profile perfectly. It would also enhance the chances of finding a good match.

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pic credits: Startup Talky

Bernard Kim, the CEO of Match Group owned Tinder said in a statement that, he thinks that AI would help users build their profiles efficiently. This could also enable showcasing users’ personalities in the best way. They will be relieved from the stress of choosing a picture that best represents them.


Moreover, Tinder is also planning on implementing other features that would make online dating more rewarding and remove awkwardness. With the use of AI, Match Group will be launching multiple features for increasing user engagement. The company’s letter explained that they would provide the preferred content to the respective owners which would help in enhancing relevancy.

Tinder’s chief product officer Mark Van Ryswyk also stated that the app would make use of AI to help individuals write their bio. This feature would generate bios based on the person’s interests and hobbies and also their relationship goals. This would enhance the user’s chance of finding a better match that equals their vibe.