Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 slated to release in October


The Anime Expo festival was launched on the 4th of July, Tuesday in LA. During the event, the makers of the Rising of the Shield Hero revealed some additional information that has surely made the fans high with excitement for the upcoming season. In addition to that, a new key visual was also revealed for the third season.

It was announced that MADKID will again be coming back to sing the theme song of the anime SIN. While Chiai Fujikawa will also be a part of the series and will be singing the ending song for the third season which is called The Reason I Cannot Love You.


It was also been unveiled that Ami Koshimizu will be voicing Nadia, who is also famous for her work in My Hero Academia and Spice and Wolf anime. While Kohei Amasaki will give voice to the character Fohl, Konomi Kohara will give a voiceover for Atla. And Maria Naganawa is all set to give her voice to S’yne.

Rising of the Shield Hero season three is all set to hit your TV screens in October this year. The anime is adapted from Aneko Yusagi’s light novel series which is based on a dark fantasy theme. The third season will be directed by Hitoshi Haga.

The story follows the character Naofumi Iwatani, who has a boring personality and also seems to play video games or read the manga. While playing the game, he is summoned into a parallel universe and discovers that he is one of the chosen four destined to save the world against evil powers. As the designated hero, they were also equipped with weapons and certain strengths. Naofumi, on the other hand, is destined with the weakest of weapon, the shield. And then the story takes an interesting turn as to how he will sustain and utilize his powers.