Rent-a-Girlfriend season 3 episode 8 release date, time and everything you need to know


The 8th episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend season 3 was initially slated to release on the 26th of August, 2023. Unfortunately, the broadcasting of the episode was cancelled due to the World Athletics Championship. The coming episode will embark on the film’s completion and Mizuhara witnessing her long-held dream.

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The upcoming episode will be released on the 1st of September, 2023 at 1:23 a.m. in Japan. For different time zones, the episode will be released on the 31st of August such as


  • Pacific Standard Time- 9:23 am, 31st August
  • Eastern Standard Time- 12:53 pm, 31st August
  • Central Standard Time- 11:53 am, 31st August
  • Central European Standard Time- 7:53 pm, 31st August
  • British Summer Time- 5:53 pm, 31st August
  • Indian Standard Time- 10:53 pm, 31st August
  • Philippine Standard Time- 12:53 am, 1st September
  • Eastern European Time- 7:53 pm, 31st August

For the Japanese audience, the episode will be released on local channels. For international viewers, it will be made available to stream on Crunchyroll.

The previous episode showcased Kazuya spending the day with Ruka on account of her birthday. They decided to go to a nearby pool and have a good time together. Kazuya was fighting with his feelings between Ruka and Chizuru. However, his thoughts take a halt when he sees Ruka in a swimsuit.

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The scene grows intense when Ruka asks him to apply sunscreen on her body. Later, Kazuya buys her an ice cream and both goes to a restaurant. There, Ruka asks for her birthday present but he forgets to get her any. Eventually the former gets disappointed.

While sitting on a beach, Ruka explains how she wants him to be called by another name as couples do in a relationship. Kazuya states that he doesn’t deserve a good girlfriend like her. But Ruka says that he shouldn’t underestimate himself and take time to work on himself.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Chizuru met Sayuri, who said that she was a carbon copy of her mother. Meanwhile, she also meets Sumi and the latter explains how Kazuya has worked hard for the production of the film. Sayuri was watching this all and was startled that Chizuru could have friends. She even noticed how Chizuru was talking about Kazuya and realized that the latter was in love with him. The sudden revelation made Chizuru blush with excitement.