UK PM Rishi Sunak joins the officers for the raid tackling illegal immigrants


UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak joined the Home Office Enforcement Officers on the raid for the matter of illegal asylum within the country. The invasion took place on the 15th of June, which resulted in arresting 105 foreign immigrants from 20 different nationalities.

Mr. Sunak had worn a bulletproof vest for the undertaking operation that occurred in Brent, North London, earlier this week as a part of the officers’ “day of action” task. The PM has made illegal migration one of the top priorities for the general elections, which are expected to be held next year.

The raids were majorly done at commercial places such as restaurants, malls, barber shops, nail bars, car wash centers and convenience stores. Over 159 raids have taken place which lead to the arrest of people residing in the country without authentic permission and rights. UK’s Home Minister Suella Braverman has also commented on the ongoing issue stating that it harms our communities and cheats honest workers who had been religiously doing their job.


Out of the arrested immigrants, 40 have been detained by the government while others were released on the terms of migration bail. The PM also made restrictions for foreigners arriving from the seas and has asked them to follow proper protocols at the check post. He even set out a plan last December asserting the same, which has comparatively increased the number of arrests from the last year.