Adipurush faces severe backlash from former actor Sunil Lahri for its dialogues and vague scenes


It has been three days since the Adipurush movie made its grand appearance on the big screens and over time the movie has become very controversial for its scenes and dialogues. Although the film had an epic opening and earned a revenue of Rs 38 crores, it has attained a huge amount of criticism from the audience.

Sunil Lahri, who is fore mostly known for his role as Lakshman in Ramayana, which was made by Ramanand Sagar has disregarded the movie for altering our culture and the superficial characters. He took to his Instagram account and shared a reel while stating several facts that were considered unnecessary for the film.

The actor said that why would Raavan come on a bat instead of the Pushpak Viman and why is the combat between lord Hanuman and Meghnad shown underwater. He also claimed that the dialogues are bekar (poor) and that he hadn’t expected this kind of work from a director of such caliber. Sunil Lahri adds further that the movie makers have hurt the religious sentiments of the citizens by modifying certain realities. The longer version of the entire video is also available on YouTube, wherein he gives a brief review.

Adipurush movie has earned a total of Rs 340 crore worldwide. It is directed by Om Raut and stars Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan and Prabhas in lead roles.