Oshi no Ko’s finale episode preview released, here’s what we know


The wait is finally over as the 11th episode (finale) of Oshi no Ko will be released on the 28th of June, Wednesday. Preview images and trailer was dropped today and fans are gushing with excitement for the climax part that has been a cliffhanger for a week. The episode will be streaming on HiDIVE, Asia Ultra, Ani-One, and Netflix Asia at 11 pm for the Japanese audience and 7:30 Indian Standard Time. The finale episode has been titled “Idol.”


Doga Kobo Studious just released the preview video for the 11th episode which has been hyped over for quite some time now. The anime is adapted from a manga series written by Aka Akasaka and has 11 volumes in total. It was later renewed for a television series and released on the 12th of April, this year.


Since its release, the show has been highly appreciated by the audience for its intriguing storyline and phenomenon characteristics. The episode 10, Pressure showcased that Kana has officially become the head of B Komachi and in order to win the Japan Idol Festival, Miyako and Peiyon train them to get into shape. Kana is anxious about the entire competition but Peiyon comforts her by showing her support and she starts feeling attracted towards him. Though, eventually she discovers that Peiyon is actually Aqua, who has disguised himself.

This has made her feelings even worse, ever since Aqua started dating Akane. Kana is still nervous about performing but after talking to Ruby, she reveals her insecurities and is consoled by her that we are all just amateurs and failure should be accepted. The 10th episode ends with Kana feeling confident about the competition. The upcoming episode with unveil the final execution of Kana and her dream.