“It’s unacceptable,”- White House on online harassment of reporter who asked PM Modi about minorities question


The White House has expressed criticism against the online abuse being directed towards Sabrina Siddiqui, who asked PM Modi, about minorities question in a joint conference with President Joe Biden in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal has stated that ever since Ms Siddiqui has asked that question she has been facing “some intense online harassment from people inside India.” Further, they also revealed that her personal background is also being targeted because of her Muslim inheritance. In response to this statement, top official John Kirby has said that they were aware of the reports of the harassment.

Mr Kirby, representative of White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communication has said that the abuse towards any journalist under any circumstances is unacceptable. And online criticism is just the contrary of Democracy.


White House Press Secretary official Karine Jean-Pierre has also remarked that “I just want to reiterate a little bit what John said – we’re certainly here at the White House under this administration, we are committed to freedom of the Press, which is why we had the press conference last week. So just want to remind folks, that’s why we had the press conference last week. Also, we certainly condemn any efforts of intimidation or harassment of any journalist that is just trying to do their job.”

Sabrina Siddiqui has asked PM Modi about the changes that their government is willing to bring to improve the condition of Muslims and other minorities since there was a talk relating to discrimination in India.

After that press conference, the reporter has been abused on a large scale on the internet by the people in India and was denounced for her Muslim heritage.