Masamune Kun’s Revenge R episode 9 release date, time and everything you need to know


The upcoming episode of Masamune Kun’s Revenge R will be a spin-off as the story is diving into an excellent plot. In the previous episode, fans got to witness Masamune’s confused feelings towards Aki. The further part took an exciting turn when he shared a moment with Yoshino.

Masamune-kun no Revenge R – RABUJOI – An Anime Blog
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The latest 9th episode will be released on the 28th of August, 2023 at 11 pm for the Japanese audience. While for the international audience, the episode will be released in different time zones


  • Pacific Standard Time- 7 am, Monday
  • Central Standard Time- 9 am, Monday
  • Eastern Standard Time- 10 pm, Monday
  • Central European Time- 4 pm, Monday
  • Indian Standard Time- 7:30 pm, Monday
  • British Standard Time- 3 pm, Monday
  • Brazil Time- 11 am, Monday

For the audience in Japan, the episode will be aired on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, KBS Tokyo, AT-X and other affiliated channels. The global audience can view it on Crunchyroll. It will also be made available to stream on Ani-One Asia’s YouTube channel for the South and South-East Asian people.

The previous episode started with Aki strolling in the mansion and looking for Yoshino. However, it comes to her knowledge that her sister has sent her to complete some chores. The scene then follows Makabe going home and finding Yoshino hurt. He then comes to know that her ankle has gotten twisted.

Masamune offers to help her and with a bit of hesitation, Yoshino accepts the offer. He gives her a piggyback ride. Then the scene shifts to Aki’s social gathering and she looks stunning as always. Some of her friends ask if she will be seeing Makabe, and to that she blushes and turns red.

Masamune-kun no Revenge R – RABUJOI – An Anime Blog
pic credits: RABUJOI

Meanwhile, Yoshino asks Makabe to stop and she sits on the bench by the park. While there, Yoshino asks him why he left Aki alone on her birthday and pinches him. Her touch gives a strange sensation to him and in order to confirm his feelings, he hugs her.

Makabe even confesses that he had the best time with her as compared to Aki. The protagonist says that he shouldn’t have gone out with Aki in the first place. Hearing this, Yoshino punches him and leaves.

The episode ends with Masamune waking up from a dream about Yoshino. He then realizes that there are some feelings that we shouldn’t accept and that he has been wrong about his feelings from day one.

The upcoming episode will focus on chapter 45 of the manga. It will also showcase Yoshino and Makabe confronting their feelings for each other. Would it change the dynamics of the show?