Jad Hadid creates a buzz on the internet by making Akanksha Puri uncomfortable live, video goes viral


Bigg Boss OTT 2 started streaming on Jio Cinema on the 17th of June 2023 onwards. Since then, lots of tragedies have been happening in the house with a bizarre panel of house members. One such incident happen during the airing of the episode while model Jad Hadid was seen touching Akanksha Puri, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Fans are confused with Jad’s actions as he seems to have eyes on both Manisha Rani and Akanksha Puri. Earlier this week, he was seen chilling with the latter and that video has been surfacing all over the internet. In the clip, they appear to be talking casually, when Jad holds her and pulls her closer to him. To that she clearly backs off and says, “Don’t do that.” He responds to it by asking why and then she states, “Dunno. I don’t like touches so much,” while Jad kept looking at her.

Fans were really disappointed by the model’s behavior and bombarded the comments section with criticism. One wrote that how can he touch someone without their consent while another remarked, “Why does #jadhadid act like a creep and pervert?” and also supported Akanksha’s actions for clearing stopping him.

However, it doesn’t appear like Akanksha is still upset with him. On Friday night’s episode, Jad told her that he is hoping for something much more than friendship from her. To that she had replied that she wasn’t currently looking for a relationship with anyone and it wasn’t about him.