Horimiya: The Missing Pieces episode 9 release date, time and everything you need to know


The upcoming 9th episode of Horimiya: The Missing Pieces will be released on the 26th of August. It will air at 2:08 a.m. in Japan. As the anime continues to stick to its schedule, fans can expect a new episode every week. The plot of the show has shifted towards the side characters and emphasis has been given to them.

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The portrayal of different character’s internal issues has shaped the entire spectrum of the show. The audiences have now turned empathetic for the development of the distinct personalities on the show. The series of events also plays a major role in shaping the story and it impacts the main characters.


Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 9 will be released on the 26th of August. As per different time zones, the episode will be aired accordingly-

  • Pacific Standard Time- 7:30 am
  • Central Standard Time- 9:30 am
  • Eastern Standard Time- 10:30 am
  • British Summer Time- 3:30 pm
  • Central European Central Time- 4:30 pm
  • Indian Standard Time- 8 pm
  • Philippines Time- 11:30 pm

International audiences can stream the show on Crunchyroll. While for the Japanese audience, it will be released on different affiliated networks.

The previous episode focused on Yanagi and his new involvement in the group. His charm and jolly nature have created a different atmosphere for the members. The act of Remi and Hori to keep Yanagi company at the bus stop was heartwarming.

Horimiya -piece- (Season 2) Episode 9 Release Date and Time, Preview  Synopsis & Images, and Countdown
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The episode is light-hearted and filled with extreme laughs. Each member of the group was trying their best to connect with Yanagi. Sengoku attempts to match his connections with Yanagi.

On the other hand, the new member expressed that he is fond of Sengoku and doesn’t want him to change in any way. The episode underlined the values of friendship, togetherness and caring for each other. In the upcoming episode, fans will get to witness the different sides of another character or the story. They might also shift towards Miyamura and Hori, showcasing their cute moments from school.