Google to introduce a slew of AI-generated features for data security- Check details here


Google is currently working on a number of advancements to strengthen the security features of its products. The development is already made available for Gmail wherein verification has been introduced for users. The tech giant is now planning on launching data security measures for Workspaces such as Drive.

In a recent announcement, Google has emphasized on zero trust policy on its Cloud services. The portal would be analyzing and enhancing the way data is kept and interacted with. For the purpose of improvising the system, Google will be utilizing AI’s skills and capabilities.

Google stated in its new blog post that, in order to be a precaution on the matters of cyber security, a new zero trust policy is being taken into consideration. The new initiative will take the help of AI-generated tools and prevent data from being misused.


The upgrade will be done with the reinforcement of the zero-trust policy. Google describes this model as, “a cloud security model designed to secure modern organizations by removing implicit trust and enforcing strict identity trust and enforcing strict identity authentication and authorization. Under zero trust, every user, device, and component is considered untrusted at all times, regardless of whether they are insiders or outsiders of an organization’s network.”

Google will make use of AI to label the data so it is shared and used efficiently. DLP controls will also be integrated into Drive so that the Workspace admins can set criteria, helping users to share sensitive content on Drive.