Google’s AI Brad is now proficient with Hindi and other languages- Here’s everything you need to know


As the world is moving towards Artificial intelligence and many firms coming up with different models of it, Google has also not slacked behind and introduced its latest AI model. The tech giant introduced its AI model called Bard and has announced the most crucial features of it to date.

Bard is now introduced with other major features such as speaking proficiency, pin conversations, export codes, change tones and even use images based on the context. The AI model is also now available in over 40 other languages along with Hindi, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. AI is also now accessible in other different places such as the European continent and Brazil.

Google’s Bard can also change tone as per our requirement. The users will have the option to even customize responses. There will be alternatives such as short, long, simple, professional, or casual and users can choose as per their liking. The AI will then offer answers to match our preferences. Currently, the option is only available in English language but soon it will be introduced in other languages as well.


It also allows individuals to pin and rename conversations. This feature will enable the users to revisit the conversations for better understanding and also search them through easy access. There is a sidebar tab with options such as pin, rename and access certain conversations. This development is available in around 40 languages.

The chat done with Bard can now be shared with friends, classmates, and family members with the help of links. Users can share their conversations and invite their friends to give insights and even discuss relevant topics.

Bard also incorporates Google Lens for more advanced search options. Users can scan their images and upload prompts. The AI will then generate captions for the image along with providing additional information regarding the photograph. However, this feature is only available in the English language. Bard will soon have its outreach in other modes of language as well.