Complete watch order for Tokyo Ghoul

The brutal dark thriller anime doesn’t seem to fade away. However, watching Tokyo Ghoul is more difficult than it appears.

Tokyo Ghoul is your anime of destiny if you’re seeking for some unadulterated gore and sorrow. Tokyo Ghoul tells the story of Kaneki Ken, a young college student whose life is turned upside down after a disastrous date. His date is revealed to be a vampire (flesh-eating monster hiding in the normal world). Kaneki survives a deadly attack but becomes a ghoul in the process. The anime then follows Kaneki as he adjusts to his new life and navigates the human and ghoul worlds, which are filled with grim revelations.

Order of Releasing for Tokyo Ghoul

Season 1 of the TV show Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 / Tokyo Ghoul A (2015)

Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul is now available (2018)

Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul/ Season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul (2018)


“Jack,” a Tokyo Ghoul (2015)

Pinto, a Tokyo Ghoul (2015)

Order of Chronology

  1. “Jack” the Tokyo Ghoul (2015)
  2. Pinto, a Tokyo Ghoul (2015)
  3. Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul (2014)
  4. Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul (A/ Tokyo Ghoul) (2015)
  5. Season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul is now available (2018)
  6. Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul/ Season 4 of Tokyo Ghoul (2018)

Ordering a Tokyo Ghoul Watch is recommended.

If you want to see the prequels first, you can watch Tokyo Ghoul in chronological sequence. If you’re new to Tokyo Ghoul, we recommend starting with the following watch order:

  1. Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 (2014)
  2. Tokyo Ghoul √A / Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 (2015)
  3. Tokyo Ghoul: “Jack” (2015)
  4. Tokyo Ghoul: “Pinto” (2015)
  5. Tokyo Ghoul: re/ Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 (2018)
  6. Tokyo Ghoul: re 2nd Season/ Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 (2018)

Long-time The final seasons of Tokyo Ghoul have been widely criticised by fans and manga readers (Tokyo Ghoul: re). They say it performed a poor job and did not stay faithful to the manga or the story’s essence.

Many significant manga story points were omitted from the anime, and the later seasons were riddled with contradictions. However, if you can enjoy the anime as a standalone experience, it is well worth your time. Happy watching, or not-so-happy watching, in this instance!

List of Tokyo Ghoul Fillers

From 2014 to 2015, Tokyo Ghoul was an anime series. Tokyo Ghoul broadcast a total of 24 episodes. There is no filler in Tokyo Ghoul.

#        Title  Type Airdate

1        Tragedy      MANGA   CANON        04-07-2014

2        Incubation   MANGA   CANON        11-07-2014

3        Dove MANGA   CANON        18-07-2014

4        Supper        MANGA   CANON        25-07-2014

5        Scars MANGA   CANON        01-08-2014

6        Cloudburst  MANGA   CANON        08-08-2014

7        Captivity     MANGA   CANON        15-08-2014

8        Circular      MANGA   CANON        22-08-2014

9        Birdcage     MANGA   CANON        29-08-2014

10      Aogiri         MANGA   CANON        05-09-2014

11      High Spirits MANGA   CANON        12-09-2014

12      Ghoul MANGA   CANON        19-09-2014

13      New Surge  MIXED   CANON/FILLER     09-01-2015

14      Dancing Flowers   MIXED   CANON/FILLER     16-01-2015

15      Hangman    MIXED   CANON/FILLER     23-01-2015

16      Deeper Layers      MIXED   CANON/FILLER     30-01-2015

17      Rift    MIXED   CANON/FILLER     06-02-2015

18      Thousand Paths    MIXED   CANON/FILLER     13-02-2015

19      Permeation  MIXED   CANON/FILLER     20-02-2015

20      Old Nines    MIXED   CANON/FILLER     24-02-2015

21      City in Waiting     MIXED   CANON/FILLER     06-03-2015

22      Last Rain    MIXED   CANON/FILLER     13-03-2015

23      Deluge of Flowers MIXED   CANON/FILLER     20-03-2015

24      Ken   MIXED   CANON/FILLER     27-03-2015

Filler List for Tokyo Ghoul

From 2018 to 2018, Tokyo Ghoul: re was an anime series. Tokyo Ghoul: re broadcast a total of 24 episodes. There is no filler in Tokyo Ghoul.

#        Title  Type Airdate

1        START: Those Who Hunt        MANGA   CANON        03-04-2018

2        Member: Fragments       MANGA   CANON        10-04-2018

3        Fresh: Eve   MANGA   CANON        17-04-2018

4        MAIN: Auction    MANGA   CANON        24-04-2018

5        Press: Night of Scattering         MANGA   CANON        01-05-2018

6        Turn: In the End    MANGA   CANON        08-05-2018

7        Mind: Days of Recollections    MANGA   CANON        15-05-2018

8        Take: One Who Writhes MANGA   CANON        22-05-2018

9        Play: Departed Spirit      MANGA   CANON        29-05-2018

10      Think: Sway MANGA   CANON       05-06-2018

11      Write: The Absent One   MANGA   CANON        12-06-2018

12      Beautiful Dream: Daybreak      MANGA   CANON        19-06-2018

13      Place: And So, Once Again       MANGA   CANON        09-10-2018

14      VOLT: White Darkness  MANGA   CANON        16-10-2018

15      union: Close Game         MANGA   CANON        23-10-2018

16      Vive: Those Left Behind MANGA   CANON        30-10-2018

17      Move: Confluence, Confusion  MANGA   CANON        06-11-2018

18      FACE: Effulgence MANGA   CANON        13-11-2018

19      Proof: Bonds        MANGA   CANON        20-11-2018

20      Incarnation: Awakened Child   MANGA   CANON        27-11-2018

21      Morse: Remembrances   MANGA   CANON        04-12-2018

22      Call: The Far Side of Tragedy   MANGA   CANON        11-12-2018

23      ACT: Encounters  MANGA   CANON        18-12-2018

24      Final Episode        MANGA   CANON        25-12-2018

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