BTS favorites: Top best 10 anime series


BTS, the most popular South Korean boy band, is made up of more than simply music fans. For many people, BTS is an inspiration. Many ARMY members have stated that BTS has made a significant difference in their lives.

The members of BTS (Korean: Roman: Bangtan Sonyeondan), the most famous South Korean Boy Band, are not merely music fans. BTS has expressed their passion for anime on numerous occasions. Jungkook and V, in particular, are the best weeb pals someone could have. But what anime is BTS particularly fond of? ARMY’s Let’s see what happens!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Naruto


RM and Suga, in particular, are admirers!

The boys are all familiar with the Naruto show, which makes sense! Who isn’t a fan of Naruto? It is the most well-known anime series of all time. They even chose one of Naruto’s theme songs to sing on Karaoke in Episode 28 of RUN BTS. With the required signature run, of course.

BTS was asked to choose between Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto in an interview with Noisey, and RM even praised Naruto for “really having a real ending.” Yoongi’s fondness for Naruto was evident in his 2015 costume, in which he dressed up as Naruto and looked incredibly ‘Kawaii.’ Naruto is about Uzumaki Naruto, a village lad who is also the village’s leader. There are 500 episodes in total. So, strap in and get ready to binge.

  1. Dragon Ball

Jin and Suga are admirers of the group.

When asked to choose between Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece in the same interview with Noisey, the boys got into a massive argument. ‘Absolutely Dragon Ball,’ ‘Dragon Ball,’ ‘Dragon Ball,’ ‘Absolutely Dragon Ball,’ Suga said again and over. “Dragon Ball is a masterpiece,” Jin agreed with Suga.

  1. One Piece

Jimin is a fan of the group.

One Piece is a favourite anime of Jimin’s. Zoro, the swordsman character, is one of his favourites. Jimin now possesses all of the One-Piece manga volumes.

Jimin confessed that he loved watching One Piece and that his favourite character was Zoro when he was asked what his childhood aspiration was.

So, he began to fantasise about becoming a cool swordsman like Zoro, and thus his adventure to study Kendo began. He stated he began learning Kendo when he was nine years old and has been practising for eight years. What an inspiration!

  1. Haiykuuu!!

Jungkook and V are admirers of the group.

Although all of the members appear to be fans of the popular Volleyball anime Haikyuu, Jungkook and Taehyung appear to be the band’s biggest Haikyuu fans. They both adore Haikyuu and have a special place in their hearts for Shoyo Hinata. They even stated that sports anime is something they enjoy seeing. Surprisingly, AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Kimi No Na Wa: Your Name, and Death Note are among the maknae’s favourite animes.

  1. Crayon Shin Chan

Fan club members include: J-Hope

BTS’s sunlight, on the other hand, isn’t a big lover of sports or thriller animes. Despite the fact that J-Hope does not appear to be an anime enthusiast, he promotes Shin Chan to the ARMY. When we think about it, J-Hope and Shin Chan have a lot in common. One example is the insane dance manoeuvres they both perform.

  1. My Hero Academia

Members who are fans include: V

While practising for performances, V enjoys watching anime. V adores My Hero Academia. He’s also been caught on camera enthralled by MHA’s backstage.

  1. Slam Dunk

Suga and Jungkook are admirers of the group.

Slam Dunk has always been Suga’s favourite anime. Suga has binge-watched all of the episodes of Slam Dunk on multiple occasions, whether it’s the manga or the animated version.

In high school, Suga was also a basketball player. Suga (슈가), his stage name, is formed from the initial syllables of Shooting Guard, the basketball position he used to play as a student.

Is Suga attempting to imitate his favourite anime? Who can say?

  1. Spirited Away

Members who are fans: Jungkook

Jungkook once mentioned that his first dream growing up was to become an anime character, specifically a character who could turn into a giant dragon. Very wise choice Jungkook, because same!

  1. Attack on Titan

Members who are fans: OT 7

Every ARMY who has tuned into the behind the scenes of the band’s dorms knows how big fans they are of the thriller. All of them own AOT merch and Manga. One of their songs ‘Attack on Bangtan’ was inspired by Attack on Titan.

  1. Pokémon

Members who are fans: Jin and RM Especially!

Jin seems to be a big fan of the anime Pokémon. His favourite character is Pikachu. When asked about the anime in the Noisey interview, Jin went all in to prove that he loved Pikachu from Pokémon.

RM also is a big fan of the game Pokémon Go which is now available in South Korea. He often posts screenshots of various Pokémon’s he has captured and renames them after his fellow members.