Women in Afghanistan contested against the ban on beauty parlors- Read


Earlier this month Taliban upheld a ban on the salons and beauty parlors in Afghanistan and issued a month time period to close the businesses. As against this, many women in Kabul started a protest objecting to the order. On Wednesday, the security authorities took the help of firehoses and even shot in the air to scatter the women protesting on the streets.

The order came as a shock to many women who own the majority of salons and parlors in the country. They are also the sole provider for the family. The ban has also limited their only source of socializing with other people. More than 60,000 have been affected greatly by the issued restriction as they are on the verge of losing their jobs.

The women protestors even shared photos and videos with several journalists that showcased the firing and use of firehose. One of the signs on the board held by a woman read, “Don’t take my bread and water.” The protests were done on Butcher Street, as reported by AFP.


The ban was upheld in July and a month-long time was given to use up the existing stock. The restriction was made due to the heavy money being spent on makeovers affecting poor families. Also, some of the treatments done at the salons were prohibited in Islam.

They also claimed that the excessive make-up prevented women from religiously doing their prayers. The government even stated that eyelash extensions and hair styling are also forbidden.

Ever since acquiring power in 2021, the Taliban has put several amendments to women’s freedom and also barred girls from attending school and primary education. They even restrained women from going to parks, malls, and gyms.

Women cannot even walk freely as it is instructed by the law to have male company or a male relative while going out. They are also been prevented from participating in the Olympics.

According to the UN, 50 orders endangering women’s basic rights have been implemented since the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan. They have also taken down the press’s freedom and have committed atrocities against women.