Bajaj Allianz Life collaborates with cricketer Shubman Gill- Read


Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has made an announcement regarding its latest partnership with cricketer Shubman Gill as the new face of the company. This collaboration will enable their brand journey ahead.

Shubman Gill will be joining forces with the insurance company and will be featured in various ads and marketing campaigns. These propositions will be held in order to reach out to a wider range of the public and present accessible services.

Chandramohan Mehra, chief marketing officer of Bajaj Allianz said that Shubman Gill is an ace performer in all areas of cricket and is also a Life maximizer. The cricketer achieves his goals through long-term planning while being consistent throughout.


Talking about the collaboration, Gill said, “I am delighted to be associated with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance; it feels like a well-timed partnership crucial for winning a match. Here, it’s about winning in the bigger match of life. For me, focus and consistency are of paramount importance, and Bajaj Allianz Life embodies that with their unwavering commitment to customers and innovative solutions.”

Shubman Gill is a talented cricketer and proved his skills through match-winning performances. He has aced in all formats of cricket and is an inspiration to many young cricketers. Gill has achieved these many milestones only through being disciplined which has made him attain long-term goals.