When can you watch the last, longest full moon of the year?

According to NASA, a full moon shown on Saturday night December,18 2021 at 11:32 p.m. EST which will appear for full three days.

NASA informed that “The Moon will be in the sky for a total of 15 hours 33 minutes, with 14 hours 34 minutes of this when the Sun is down, making Saturday evening into Sunday morning, Dec. 18 to 19, the longest full Moon night of the year. The Moon will appear full for three days around this time, from Friday evening through Monday morning, making this a full Moon weekend.”

The Cold Moon also known as Frost moon or the Winter moon, is the last full moon of the December’s cold and lengthy before the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere.

If you want to watch the cold moon you can get out whenever you can look at the moon and perceive it with the naked eye.