Chandrayaan-3 gets a launch date on the 13th of July at 2:30 pm


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has approved the launch date of Chandrayaan-3, which is slated to be released on the 13th of July at 2:30 pm. This will be considered as India’s third lunar mission, which is a great step towards exploring space and analyzing it for further effective matters.

After Chandrayaan-2’s disheartening experience in 2019, the upcoming project is viewed with utmost optimism by the scientists. Chandrayaan-3’s success with provide us with a better understanding of the moon, while also fulfilling its main objective to show the safe landing on the lunar surface and activate a robot rover.

The launch is held at the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, which will be released with the help of the GSLV Mark 3 launch vehicle. The mission is estimated to budget around Rs 615 crore.


Chandrayaan-3 has gone through several tests for checking any risks before the launch ceremony and has been validated by the officials to ensure a successful mission ahead. All the mistakes that had occurred during the previous mission have been taken into consideration and steps have been taken to refrain from repeating the same errors.

One key element is introduced to Chandrayaan-3 and that is the composition of the Spectro-polarimetry of the Habitable Planet Earth (SHAPE) payload. This instrument will focus on gathering information regarding the spectral and polarimetry dimensions of planet Earth.