Nitin Gadkari to introduce an ethanol-based Toyota Innova car- Here’s everything you need to know


Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari is about to launch the new ethanol-equipped Toyota Innova car today, 29th August, 2023. The special feature of this car is that it runs on ‘biofuel ethanol,’ a type of fuel that is made from plants. The opening ceremony of this distinct car will take place at 12 pm today. Interested individuals can stream it on YouTube, the live event.

India is the first-ever country to develop a car that runs on electricity and biofuel. And the fuel that is used in the car, is acquired from plants. It is called E100. In 2022, the Minister even launched the Toyota Mirai EV, which solely runs on electricity, and is made from hydrogen.


Nitin Gadkari has always emphasized using green energy and has taken initiatives to bring it into effect. He has focused on the use of biofuels as an alternative to petrol and diesel, whose prices are skyrocketing. He asserted this plan back in 2004 and even visited Brazil to learn more about green energy,

This development will not only be environment friendly for the nation, reducing pollution and wastage. Eventually, the fuel-based alternative will make India more self-independent and lessen the need for relying on crude oil imports.

Car manufacturers in the country have now focused on developing cars running on plant-based fuel or even electricity for that matter. Multiple companies have joined this quest and trying to bring out the revolution. Earlier, Mahindra has introduced XUV400, which completely runs on electricity. Simultaneously many other firms like Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are also focusing on hybrid cars.