Despite Dhindora’s success, I wouldn’t want 2021 to exist in my life, says Bhuvan Bam


2021 has been a year of great mourning for Bhuvan Bam since he lost both his parents due to COVID 19. However, he had a great gain as well with the success office acting debut. The YouTube sensation says that he is still trying to get together his life and learn to move on.

“Despite Dhindora being such a big success, I wouldn’t want 2021 to exist in my life frankly. And it is not just me, but it would hold true for so many people and families. But abhi thik hai, you can’t change anything or do anything about it. All you can do is focus on the present and just move ahead in life. That’s all that one can do” he says.

Speaking about the response he got for Dhindora , he said  “We never expected it to blow up like this. We knew that our audience who are used to BB Ki Vines will watch and have fun. But witnessing the response from people who weren’t our target audience is a great feeling. In fact, there are a lot of people who are watching the series, and then watched my old videos.”


He’ll soon start working on the second chapter of Dhindora, after completing all his other projects in hand.