WhatsApp to now be accessible from OS smartwatches- Here’s everything you need to know


Meta-owned WhatsApp has been a convenient app for connecting people together and bringing the world closer. The app is on the severe verge to advance the user interface and make it appropriate for users. WhatsApp is widely spacing out its reach and has introduced the latest advancement which will allow users to operate the app from their Wear OS smartwatches.

Mark Zuckerberg also made an announcement on Wednesday stating the arrival of WhatsApp on Wear OS smartwatches. This will enable the users to reply to texts, start conversations and even pick up the voice call without being connected to the phones. In order to access the app on Android smartwatches, it must activate on Wear OS 3. The features can be enabled even if the connected phone is not within range and the watch is equipped with an LTE network.

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the launch of the watchOS app for Apple smartwatch users, which will allow them to operate the messaging app from their phone itself. Previously, users of Wear OS watches would have to download third-party apps for operating purposes, which would raise security concerns.


According to a report, smartwatch users can now install WhatsApp with the version, which will allow them to connect it to their WhatsApp accounts on their smartphones. Along with that, the app would then integrate the messages on Wear OS smartwatches as well. The OS version for WhatsApp would also ensure the security and privacy concerns of individuals. As the messages would only be seen by the receiver and sender with an end-to-end encryption policy of the platform.