UN Expert condemns gender apartheid in Afghanistan, stating it as an international crime


UN’s notable expert who has been working for the rights of Afghanistan has urged the countries on Monday to remark gender apartheid as an international crime as it will be a huge help for the women that have been suffering under the Taliban rule and also as the authority will be held accountable for the brutal discrimination.

After the national government was extruded by the Taliban association in 2021, there had been a drastic change in the way of living for the people as new rules were being implied by the authorities in power. The Sharia laws which consisted of excluding girls from secondary schools, removing them from their job, preventing them to walk outdoors without the presence of a male companion, and ordering them to cover up their bodies are regarded to be biased against women.

Richard Bennett had told the Human Rights Council that is a compulsion to not look away from such realities. He also presented the current report about the situation in Afghanistan and stated that the Taliban is committing a severe crime of gender persecution. Bennett added further that discrimination against women is at the heart of the Taliban and their terrible ideology.


Shaharzad Akbar also came in favor of the argument and said that women often reveal their stories of being buried alive and they are in no power to do anything but face punishments. She was also the former representative of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights and claimed that that country has become a graveyard of women and also of their dreams and ambitions.

Many officials from different countries had agreed to the intensity of the offense and raised their voices for declaring it as an international crime.