Titan submarine’s ex-passenger reveals shocking insights from his expedition- Read


An ex-passenger who ventured on the Titanic expedition to witness the wreckage of the largest ship made in the world, the Titanic has revealed some scary details from his experience. Bill Price is from California and has been on the expedition a few years back. He said that water pressure in the deep ocean is very tremendous and the vessel could explode like a soda can.

Price has stated these details to the New York Times, which gives us a clear idea as to what situation occurred deep beneath the ocean. OceanGate expedition carried out a trip last month to see Titanic’s wreckage and it caused the life of five passengers, along with the CEO of the expedition company. U.S. Coast Guard has said that the submarine has faced a catastrophic explosion and thus declared the death of all five travelers.

The explosion happened while the submersible was heading down toward the Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean. The ruins of the sub were discovered afterwards along with human remains.


Bill Price shared the incident back in 2021 when the submarine faced propulsion failure on one end and due to that it was unable to launch the drop-weight mechanism, which helps in setting a fresh surface during calamities. He said the crew members have pushed the Titan back and forth manually for escorting the weights. After several attempts, they were successful and continued with the dive.

Although, such severe challenges faced by the crew they still set up for an expedition the next day and was succeeded in reaching the Titanic’s location and returning back which also gave him some confidence that the crew has the ability to overcome dangers that might occur during the trip.

The devastating explosion has created a lot of speculations over time because of the ignorance committed by the company that such an incident took place. It was also been revealed that the submarine was not being inspected for permission by an independent body. These details have raised questions about the credibility of the deep sea exploration community. The tragedy that took the life of five people will serve as a strict reminder for ensuring the highest level of security during such trips.