Teachers in Taiwan accused of intoxicating children with drugs


Teachers of the preschool section in New Taipei City are accused of sedating their students with drugs. The questions started raising when the children showed unusual symptoms of aggression and mood swings. After a thorough diagnosis, the blood test of the eight children contained traces of drugs like phenobarbital and benzodiazepines which are not rarely found in these locations. Although, it still remains a mystery as to why the drugs were being given to the kids.

Angela Wang, head of the NGO for Children’s Rights in Taiwan said that some of the children had even revealed to their parents that were given juice by their teachers which was bitter and stinky. She has also received several videos from the parents of the kindergarten students, wherein they were behaving in an abnormal manner and showed signs of irritation and physical violence.

Further Angela added that if the kids refused to take the drink they would be beaten by the teachers and at times locked in the toilets for creating fear.


Police launched an investigation program for disclosing this scam weeks after parents expressed their concerns regarding the strange behavior witnessed in their children. The principal of Baoren Kindergarten along with five other teachers has been arrested by the cops. The school has also been ordered to pay a fine of 150,000 Taiwanese dollars.