Samsung collaborates with YogiFi, offers an advanced range of new features on its Smart TVs


Samsung has partnered with the new startup firm Wellnesys Technologies which will bring about a new change in the method of practicing Yoga. The company has created history as it introduced the first-ever artificial intelligence-based yoga mats that can be connected to 2023-made Samsung TV models.

YogiFi, the application initiated by Wellneys Technologies can be installed on Samsung TVs and it will track the user’s pose. The AI-based mats have sensors enabled in them which will also help the masses to detect if they are performing it wrong and provide guidelines for the same.

Samsung made this announcement with their new blog post. They stated that now the users will be able to practice yoga in a technological manner, also being interactive at the same time. The YogiFi app on Samsung TVs will enable users to verify their activities.


The app also contains various features such as yoga classes for beginners, then intermediate-level poses, and advanced yoga. The users can also work on specific aasanas and it will work in a personalized format along with getting real-time feedback.

The YogiFi mat for yoga can be paired with all the Samsung TVs that were introduced in 2023 like Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs, OLED TV, and the Crystal 4K UHD TV series. The new update will soon be applicable to Samsung’s old television models as well.