Tata Group to become the first Indian company to manufacture iPhone- Report


Tata groups, the leading firm in the country associated with multiple revenue sectors and charity institutes will now be entering into a brand new spectrum of manufacturing iPhones. The company is about to close a deal in August to attain Apple’s distributor factory in India. If the deal gets a white flag, Tata will become the first ever company to produce iPhones in India.

As per the report by Bloomberg, Tata Group is looking for gaining the ownership rights of the Wistron factory located in Karnataka. The factory unit is worth $600 million and has currently 10,000 employees working in it.

Wistron Corporation has aimed to sell and ship iPhones for around $1.8 billion and to also increase the workforce three times more by the end of the financial year 2024. Currently, the firm assembles the iPhone 14 in India. As per the report, Tata Group will also be adhering to the commitments made by the former firm and will also end its long manufacturing time period.


Apple has been intending to increase its production units and diversify its devices. The tech giant also proposes to move out its manufacturing unit from China due to the adverse Covid-19 cases taking a peak again. The company is now looking at India and Vietnam as prospective production countries.

Another report by TrendForce claimed that Apple will be assigning the production of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus to Tata groups in India. The company will be giving small orders at first to examine the working of it which could also be another secondary base for manufacturing of devices.