Amazon to introduce an AI-powered feature that summarizes product reviews- Check details here


The leading e-commerce website Amazon is launching an AI-generative feature, which will summarize product reviews for shoppers. The feature has been in the testing stage since earlier this year and it will provide users an overview of what the other customers think about the product. The AI will pick out common terms from all the reviews and craft a small summary regarding the same which will appear on the product detail page.

The blog post shared by the company on Monday, explains that they have made this feature available for a wide group of mobile shoppers in the U.S. for different ranges of products. The company intends to expand this feature to a wide spectrum of users over time and also to add more product categories based on the customers’ feedback regarding the same.

The e-commerce company has been focusing on integrating new artificial intelligence tools into its system, that will be convenient for the users and provide unique product offerings. Though, Amazon hasn’t released its own AI-powered chatbot, but is focusing on services that will enable developers to create their AI tools on its cloud infrastructure AWS.


Along with this, Amazon has also announced the release of a new product insights feature. This advancement will filter out trending and common themes from the reviews, enabling customers to give more details regarding the product.

With the declaration of this technology, Amazon is trying to make its platform more engaging for shoppers. Also, increasing convenience for the same. It will surely give a better understanding of the respective product and users will be able to make compatible shopping decisions.