Cellphone location data usage by the companies to be soon banned in the U.S- Report


The lawmakers in Massachusetts have decided to uphold a ban on the selling and buying of consumer location data to tech giant companies, as per the report. If the law gets passed it will be a historic moment for the US as well as the whole of the world to witness such a huge amendment happening to the billion-dollar industry.

As per the report by The Wall Street Journal, a state legislation meeting was held in June on the introduction of the bill known as the Location Shield Act. The bill proposed to put a restriction on the companies as well as portals from using consumer location data from their mobile phones. Also, stop selling and buying the obtained data.

Even the legal institutes will not be able to access the location data of the respective individuals without mandatory documents. This bill will ban the working of employees in data brokerage space and prohibit them from sharing location information without the approval of the court.


The location data that is generated by our smartphones is basically the information about where the phone is being traveled. To what places it has been taken and at what particular time? This data does not give subjective details regarding the user, though it provides basic location detail that can be aligned with other confidential information that might be dangerous for the users.

In accordance with the report, the bill has been taken into consideration by the Massachusetts legislation to improve the security concerns of the citizens as there is no appropriate law adhering to the rising matter of digital privacy in the US. Ten more states have also introduced new laws pertaining to digital security issues in the absence of the proper legal framework.

Many laws have been enacted so far for the betterment of the privacy concerns of the masses but there hasn’t been a law that puts a complete ban on the selling and buying data from the third party.