Take a look at some bizzare rules the Royal Family must follow


Being a member of the British royal family requires participation in formal engagements, which means engaging with people while maintaining a constantly put-together public image. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre rules of the Royal Family.

Royals must always carry a black outfit while travelling

This rule may appear to be one of the best for black lovers who travel in black outfits or favour them on any given day, but it is not the case for British royals. They should be prepared because royals typically reserve black outfits for funerals. Hence, if a member of the royal family dies unexpectedly and is travelling, they should wear appropriate mourning dresses.


Monopoly is banned

Despite its popularity during family gatherings, according to British media, Monopoly is the only board game that is not permitted in the royal household. The queen banned it because it became too competitive.

 Two Heirs Cannot Fly Together

That is only in case something awful happens. Prince George (second in line to the throne after Prince William) will be required to fly separately from his dad once he reaches the age of 12.

The Royals can’t give fans their autographs

Signing autographs has long been a tradition for celebrities, but according to multiple reports in the British media, British royals are banned from doing so in order to decrease the potential of their signatures being faked.