Take a look at Bollywood couples who were involved in problematic relationships


Though Bollywood is famous for being a glamorous and rich industry, there have been incidences where celebs have been affected by their relationships. Despite Bollywood being a glamorous world, problematic relationships common problem. Let’s take a look at Bollywood couples who were involved in problematic relationships.

Zeenat Aman

The retired actress has previously been involved in a series of abusive relationships. She was rumoured to have been in a relationship with Sanjay Khan before marrying Mazhar Khan, both of whom were violent.


Aishwarya Rai

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai were dating since the days of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, but their honeymoon phase quickly ended, and Salman revealed his true self. Aish was first unwilling to talk about their breakup, but after some time had passed, she revealed how terrible their relationship had been. In an interview, she stated that she used to cover up her injuries after being hit by Salman Khan.

Karisma Kapoor

The same thing happened to Kapoor Khandan’s daughter. Sunjay Kapur was Karisma Kapoor’s husband, but their marriage was too toxic to bear. Her ex-husband allegedly asked his mother to slap her because she couldn’t fit into a dress after pregnancy. Sunjay physically abused Karisma and emotionally embarrassed her by calculating her net worth. Soon after, she filed for divorce.

Kangana Ranaut

The Bollywood diva, known for her odd tweets and picking fights with her co-stars for no apparent reason, has accused former actor Aditya Pancholi of using exploiting her during their relationship.