Spanish swimming pools in Catalonia are told to allow women to go topless to bathing


The government of the Spanish region has instructed the city and town halls to allow women to go topless for bathing in public swimming pools. This news has brought a sense of equilibrium amongst the ‘Free Nipples’ activists as they are celebrating the order being passed. An equality law was passed in 2022, which enshrined going topless for women.

However, many local swimming pools had prevented women from going topless since the law was passed, which had then led to numerous complaints from civilians every summer. The government has now ordered to not prohibit any manner of discrimination.

The Catalan government’s Department of Equality and Feminism informed in a letter that preventing women from going topless excludes a part of the population and also violates the free choice of the person associated with their body.


It was also stated that breastfeeding should be allowed as well as full body suits, which include Muslim burkini. A spokesperson of the Catalan Department for Equality has mentioned that the letter is just a reminder but it is also necessary to follow the orders given by the authorities.

The complaints that were filed against some community and city halls were reported by the members of the feminist group Free Nipples. This order has brought a sense of equality among the protestors as this ideal will allow them to choose for their own body.