Olivia Rodrigo’s new album ‘Guts’ is written during a tough time in her life


American singer and songwriter Olivia Rodrigo recently announced her upcoming album ‘Guts’ which will be released on the 8th of September. The declaration was made on Twitter and the singer expressed that she is excited to share this news with her fans. The sour singer also revealed in the tweet that the album was written during the year which was “filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness, and good old-fashioned teen angst.”

Olivia released the teaser of her first solo single ‘Vampire’ earlier this month which is written along with her friend Daniel Nigro, and also some other songs from Guts. The official video will be premiered on the 30th of September. In a statement, the singer even revealed that the album resonates with the increasing pain and trying to figure out who she was at a certain point in her life.

In her recent tweet, she had written a letter and shared it with her fans online. It read, “Firstly thank you for all the love you guys have been showing vampire. It really makes my whole life. I am writing today to let you guys know that my sophomore album GUTS is coming out September 8th, Writing that sentence feels so surreal!!! I made the bulk of this album during my 19th year on this earth. 2 years that or me, was filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness, and good old-fashioned teen angst. I made it with my friend Dan in between New York and LA and I’m so very proud of it.”

This announcement has created a huge fuss over the internet and fans are gushing with excitement for the new album. Like Olivia’s other songs, audiences are assuming the latest album also serves songs that has relativity towards them.