Snapchat to introduce AI-powered ‘Dreams’ for the creation of imaginative snaps- Read


Snapchat is one of the popular social media apps among teenagers. It is well-known for its snap and filter features that have taken the youth by surprise. The app has recently been in the news for its AI chatbot, that had been trending on the internet. According to a report, Snapchat is working on rolling out an AI-generated feature called ‘Dreams’ that would turn the pictures into imaginative scenarios.

The report read further that the company is developing an AI-powered upgradation that will enable users to upload selfies. Then the images will be changed to imaginative scenarios, also the background of the pictures will also be changed.

It is also to be taken into consideration that images of good quality will technically have the best output per se. The generated images could also differ based on the lightning, composure and environments. The feature would allow users to create images in a dreamy background, that would look completely imaginative. Although, it seems like the feature would be a paid version for the premium users looking back at the recently launched AI features.


Earlier in May, Alessandro Paluzzi made an announcement regarding the feature and posted it on X (formerly known as Twitter). The ‘Generate My Dreams’ feature was designated between the Camera Roll and Stories icons. The description of the feature reads “Upload several selfies to create your Dreams and generate fantastical Snaps of yourself!”